Construction Defects: Types of Building Issues – Cracked Tiles – Deteriorating Wood Trim

Construction Defects: Types of Building Issues – Cracked Tiles – Deteriorating Wood Trim

Building issues like deteriorating wood trim can be a construction defect that someone else must fix. Contact our attorney today to determine what you should do next.

Cracked Tiles

When you discover cracked tiles in floors, this can result from a serious construction defect. Some causes could be soil issues, poor building material, and/or terrible workmanship. First, soil issues can be devastating problems. It can begin with cracked tiles in floors and move on to cracks in the stucco, walls, retaining walls, and so on. Second, the tiles that were used on your flooring could be low in quality. Since housing developments go up so quickly, builders and developers are always pressured to finish on time and under projected costs. This would mean that when able, a builder may cut costs selecting tiles not up to code or a contractor with insufficient training and experience. Hiring a contractor is one of many decisions a builder can make that will directly impact the quality of your house. It is their workmanship that can either prevent construction defects or cause them. More Information Here @ San Antonio Construction Defect Lawyer

Rotted Eave Boards

Rotted eave boards can result from water issues that have been there for some time. Rotted eave boards are usually present for a while before you discover signs of roof deterioration. The cause is the failure to construct a proper drip edge. Again, this can be the fault of poor workmanship. The necessary fix is a replacement of the rotted eave boards. However, before you take steps to fix this building issue, you need to document and take pictures of the construction defect.

How do you determine the root cause of your cracked tiles in floors or rotted eave boards? Is it poor material or bad workmanship? Who incurs the liability to ensure the damage is repaired correctly and to pay for the costs associated with the repair? It is a tough process to go through on your own. You need to contact an attorney to help you make the right choices and steps to take care of these building issues. Contact an attorney in our office today.

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