Car Accident Injury Claims in South Texas

Car Accident Injury Claims

At our Law Firm, we have many years of combined experience in personal injury cases, including claims related to car accidents. It is a crucial issue to get representation from our South Texas car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the incident. Our experience and personal dedication to our clients’ cases has lead to many high value settlements, judgments and verdicts. Accident lawyers

The first step after an injury accident is to protect your right to the compensation you deserve by getting legal representation. Insurance companies often do not want to pay fair compensation, and they move forward quickly to make a low settlement offer in serious injury cases. They contact the injured or their families and try to get information, including requesting medical bills and asking you questions about the accident. These interviews from insurance adjusters or other insurance company personnel can even take place when the victim is on pain medication or suffering from the injury and unable to think clearly.

Our firm is exceptionally experienced in injury claims in all types of car accidents and all degrees of car accident injuries. Whether your injury was the result of a single vehicle accident, multi-vehicle accident, rear-end accident, head-on accident, t-bone accident, rollover accident, side-impact crash, car-truck accident, involves a vehicle operator who was driving while texting or an auto product liability claim, we have the experience and aggressive approach to pursuing compensation that you need. We fight for the rights of motorcyclists that were injured by a negligent driver, both in sport bike accidents and cruiser accidents.traffic accidents law We know how to file a car accident insurance claim and get results. Those who were injured in a drunk driving accident are often very seriously injured, and may require months or even a lifetime of medical care and intervention. These catastrophic injury claims are of extreme importance to the victim and their families, as their future health and care will be paid for by the settlement. It is important that any person injured in a car accident whether a mild injury or serious injury with permanent damages has access to the highest quality medical care and treatment, and that their financial losses and emotional anguish is also addressed in financial terms. We serve the South Texas area as well as the areas Central Texas.

Protect your right to fair compensation: Get an attorney.
Our firm is very aware of the activities that insurance companies engage in with regard to settlements. It is established that those who have legal representation are likely to get a much higher settlement, and we are zealous about protecting the rights of our clients to the compensation they deserve. We manage the injury claim from the outset, carefully obtaining and preserving any necessary evidence to support the case for liability, and will address the issue of your medical records and what should be supplied to the insurance company as well. personal injury attorneys

We are not willing to have our clients become a victim a second time, particularly when they are suffering from injuries and in pain. We are here to help you get your claim resolved at a level that reflects all the damages in your case, both in financial terms, such as medical bills, hospital costs, medications, medical equipment, nursing, and rehabilitation. The claim must also address the issue of pain and suffering, lost income from work and predicted future financial losses, among other possible damages.

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