Traffic Violation Lawyers

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Traffic Violation Lawyers

Many of us know that feeling of driving down the road, maybe going a little too fast, and then seeing the flashing lights and hearing the siren. Getting pulled over by the police for a moving violation is a very nerve-wracking experience. Unless you’re lucky enough to get a “warning,” traffic tickets can be a hassle financially and time-wise. With some moving violations, an appearance in court is necessary. In other cases, appearing in court may help to get your violation reduced.

Traffic violations can carry expensive fines and hurt your driving record by applying “points” to your driver’s license. After accruing so many of these points, you could have your license suspended, or you may have to attend what is called “defensive driving school,” which is basically a several-hour-long class on a Saturday or in the evenings that you listen to get points removed from your record and to learn how to become a better driver. Many of us see these defensive driving classes as “punishment” for getting a ticket.

If you have been pulled over for a traffic violation or your license is in danger of becoming suspended or revoked, you may need to find an experienced traffic violation attorney in your area as soon as possible. People go to jail daily for moving violations, and some sentences and fines for driving with a suspended or revoked license can be pretty severe. You cannot take charge like this, likely.

Infraction Versus Violation

Legally speaking, there are two types of moving violations:
Infractions: An offense for which the only penalty is a fine and is not an actual crime
Violation: An offense for which the only sentence authorized is fine. Some violations require a court appearance, and some can be paid by mail.

Our Experienced traffic violation attorneys deal with alcohol-related offenses and the following:

· Fleeing and eluding the police
· Reckless driving
· Operating a vehicle without insurance
· Driving with a suspended/revoked license

Some of the most common consequences of moving violations are:

· Fines
· Points on your license
· Increase in insurance
· Loss of license
· License suspension

Traffic lawyers can help you by challenging the law enforcement officer who gave you the ticket, requesting that no points be added to your license, filing a motion to dismiss the charge, and determining if the stop was legal.

Construction Defects: Types of Building Issues – Cracked Tiles – Deteriorating Wood Trim

Construction Defects: Types of Building Issues – Cracked Tiles – Deteriorating Wood Trim

Building issues like deteriorating wood trim can be a construction defect that someone else must fix. Contact our attorney today to determine what you should do next.

Cracked Tiles

When you discover cracked tiles in floors, this can result from a serious construction defect. Some causes could be soil issues, poor building material, and/or terrible workmanship. First, soil issues can be devastating problems. It can begin with cracked tiles in floors and move on to cracks in the stucco, walls, retaining walls, and so on. Second, the tiles that were used on your flooring could be low in quality. Since housing developments go up so quickly, builders and developers are always pressured to finish on time and under projected costs. This would mean that when able, a builder may cut costs selecting tiles not up to code or a contractor with insufficient training and experience. Hiring a contractor is one of many decisions a builder can make that will directly impact the quality of your house. It is their workmanship that can either prevent construction defects or cause them. More Information Here @ San Antonio Construction Defect Lawyer

Rotted Eave Boards

Rotted eave boards can result from water issues that have been there for some time. Rotted eave boards are usually present for a while before you discover signs of roof deterioration. The cause is the failure to construct a proper drip edge. Again, this can be the fault of poor workmanship. The necessary fix is a replacement of the rotted eave boards. However, before you take steps to fix this building issue, you need to document and take pictures of the construction defect.

How do you determine the root cause of your cracked tiles in floors or rotted eave boards? Is it poor material or bad workmanship? Who incurs the liability to ensure the damage is repaired correctly and to pay for the costs associated with the repair? It is a tough process to go through on your own. You need to contact an attorney to help you make the right choices and steps to take care of these building issues. Contact an attorney in our office today.

What To Do After An 18-Wheeler Accident – Call 911

What To Do After An 18-Wheeler Accident – Call 911

Tell the operator there has been a serious accident involving an 18-wheeler and ask them to dispatch EMTs, ambulances, or life-flight helicopters, if necessary.

Given the exact location of the crash, if possible.

Give them the make, color, and model of vehicles.

If vehicles are blocking traffic, tell 911.

Give 911 major cross streets where the crash happened.

Photograph The Truck Crash Scene

Take pictures of the placement of the vehicles before they are moved.

Take pictures showing damage to the vehicles. Don’t get too close or too far away.

Get Driver Information

Get the name, address, and telephone number of the truck driver. Get their insurance card information, license plate, and DOT # off the truck.

Witnesses Information

Get all witnesses’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Contact an Experienced 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Immediately

You must contact a good lawyer specializing in an 18-wheeler truck accident as soon as the crash happens. Evidence must be documented, and the truck and trailer must be inspected before valuable evidence is lost or destroyed.

We are personal injury trial lawyers who specialize in truck accident cases. Call us today for a free consultation.